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Proper Training and Mindset...Leads to Survival


Jackal Strategic was founded on the premise of a need for proper training and education based on survival for the world we live in today. Co Owner's  Chris Santos and Dave Paiva have over 60 years of combined  technical , tactical safety, medical  and rescue experience. Chris with over 30 years of 911 Fire/ Medical care, has been teaching Tactical Medicine, Marksmanship/ Tactical Marksmanship along with other tactical disciplines for over 20 years.  Working for  SOTT-I and TATSOR Group, Chris was the Assistant Master Trainer , SWAT trained and certified, a Live Fire CQB Instructor as well as certified to operate and manage a Live Fire Training Center.

Dave Paiva comes from a vast knowledge background that began when he was FFL Firearms dealer in his early 20's, were he also trained in multiple firearms disciplines, Dave has been immersed in firearms and training for over 3 decades. Multi discipline, Dave also served as key member of the Bristol County Technical Rescue Team as well as with MASS Task Force 1 USAR as a Rescue Specialist. Currently Dave can be found in educating and training professionals alike in high angle rope/access and confined space rescue. The both of us have a key understanding of teaching  with emphasis on the clients needs. With our vast knowledge and disciplines and  the Jackal Strategic company was formed, taking what was learned from our past experiences and skill sets.


Our Jackal Strategic Team provides training and assistance regarding security of personnel and infrastructure, safety in the workplace as well as a suite of citizen specific training programs covering firearms /marksmanship; Personal defense/protection; Survival home and abroad; CPR/First Aid; Leadership; specialty programs; corporate events; as well as a host of other specialized tailored courses.

Jackal Strategic has conducted government training contracts and continues to a advise agencies in specific areas throughout the US.

Courses are conducted at one of our  facilities in Southeastern, MA, the Panhandle of Florida   or  at  the customers location by our mobile team.


The Jackal Strategic Team also conducts training at a variety of other training complexes targeted to the clients needs. Whether you are a citizen looking to hone your shooting skills, a corporation looking for safety training for your employees or a family planning on traveling abroad. Jackal Strategic has the experience, instructors and the history of training designed towards preparing personnel and organizations for today's world.



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